Let us help you on your journey into the English Language with either our Foreign Language English classes or our TEFL/TESOL training programs. Together we will experience the wonders that this Language has to offer.

General English

The General English course focuses on accuracy and fluency with an integrated skills and strategy-based curriculum that aims at developing the four language skills—listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course also focuses on improving pronunciation and increasing vocabulary.

General English also focuses on developing the language and skills necessary for effective everyday communication across a wide range of different contexts and situations.

What Levels do we offer?

We offer the following levels:

  • Pre-Elementary – no experience of the language other than a few words and phrases using gestures to be understood.  Not able to maintain a conversation and has difficulties in understanding speech.
  • Elementary – can partake in simple conversations on everyday topics, using basic vocabulary. Understanding of English is limited and the listener will probably need speak slowly.
  • Pre-Intermediate – can communicate adequately in simple everyday situations and can understand instructions.
  • Intermediate – can communicate quite fluently in most everyday situations and could survive in an English-speaking environment. Can keep up a conversation and a listener should understand most of the student’s message without effort.
  • Upper Intermediate – able to read authentic texts without difficulty, good knowledge of grammar and able to play an active role in discussions.
  • Pre-Advanced – good use of vocabulary and grammar whilst holding a good conversation with few mistakes.
  • Advanced – excellent use of vocabulary and grammar and near proficiency in communication with the ability to write with few mistakes.

To ensure consistency of instruction, one series is used for each stage. Certificates are awarded at the successful completion of each stage.

What you can expect on this course:

  • Real Life English
  • Topic based lessons
  • Creative Classes and Teachers
  • Authentic Materials and Situations
  • Hands On approach
  • Small Classes

Private English

This English Course is for the students that need or would like focused learning that is tailored to the students’ individual needs. In this stream, students learn faster as there is one on one attention.

Whatever the students’ requirements, the student will receive a specialised and adapted programme to cater to the needs and learning style of that student.


Business English

The Business English programme focuses on developing English skills for use in a professional environment.

Trainers are flexible and open to student input regarding particular student business needs or interests. Each level within the module incorporates a specific vocabulary set to extend and strengthen the participant’s vocabulary.

Legal English

This course helps students develop an understanding of the law while consolidating language skills through a professional context.  The course covers a variety of legal topics such as company law, litigation, arbitration, and criminal law. The course also sheds light on the American legal system through the use of authentic case studies.

IELTS Exam Preparation Course

This exam preparation course will prepare you for the IELTS (International English Language Testing Systems) test. This is the ideal test if you need to study or work where English is the language of communication.

IELTS scores are recognised by universities and colleges, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies. Universities and other centres of education generally require IELTS level 6.0 or higher as evidence of language ability.

TESOL Course (120 hours)

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and encompasses what used to be called TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

Generally, TEFL emphasises aspects of teaching English in countries where English is not widely used in daily life, such as Russia, China, France and Brazil.

The term TESL tends to emphasise the needs of learners who will use English in their daily lives, in addition to their mother-tongue. In many countries, such as Zambia and India for example, English is used as an official language in government, in business, in newspapers, TV and radio as well as being the main medium of educational instruction in schools and colleges, as well as universities.

The acronym TESOL encompasses both TESL and TEFL and is very widely used around the world.

Good teachers of English, whether they are TESOL, TEFL or TESL-qualified, adapt their teaching methods, their expectations of students, their teaching materials and their classroom activities to their local environment and the needs of their learners.

The TESOL Course is a 120 hours comprehensive course that contains both theoretical and practical components.

The Course consists of the following:

  • Introduction to language teaching
  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Planning
  • Skills Training (Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking)
  • Activities and materials
  • Language awareness
  • Practical Teaching
  • Student assessment
  • Find a job