Duration: 1 Day
Location: Cape Town
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Of all the things Africa is known for, the beauty of its rhythms and dances is probably best known. Join us in Macassar Township to experience the beat of the Sound of the Ground.

Image2Proudly Macassar Pottery is a social enterprise that crafts musical instruments from clay. Come sit down among us and feel the vibrations of the UDU as you join us in a drumming circle; give your creative imagination free reign while learning to play the African Ocarina; push your hands deep into the clay and discover again the bonds that tie all humanity together.

Most of all, be inspired by the courage and brave choices of the youth of Macassar.  Your life – and your choice in music – will never be the same again.

Proudly Macassar Pottery – Up-skilling and employing youth who have not finished school, while producing musical instruments from clay.  We produce the UDU (a West African clay drum) and the African Ocarina (an easy-to-play flute for all ages).

About Macassar:

The township of Macassar was founded as a place of banishment during the early years of Dutch occupation of the Cape. Sheikh Yusuf was banished to Robben Island from the Far East, and then re-banished, so to speak, to Macassar, which he named after his birth place.

Our offerings:

Township Clay Experience

Ideal for those who want to learn something from locals!

  • Play!  Let a local show you how to make a basic shape from clay.
  • Music!  Learn how to play the UDU (an African clay drum) and African Ocarina clay flute.
  • Paint!  Paint a flute as a gift to take home – the flute is from Africa, the decoration is from your heart. Great gift idea!
  • Shop!  Our range of musical instruments is uniquely Cape Town.


Pray with Clay

Find beauty in unlikely places! This is a meditative retreat that takes 3 hours.

  • Work with clay, and let the process guide you to find good things in unlikely places in your own life.
  • Rediscover your passion to create good in unlikely places in your world
  • Create something to take home as a reminder of your experience of the day